Christmas Holiday Poster

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Workplace House

There’s a place you can go to experience the modern Workplace, and see how the environment, technology and culture come together and inspire. Workplace House in Farringdon is a collection of specialist organisations showcasing how spaces can be optimised based upon the activity to be undertaken. Making the most of whatever space you have available […]

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Has flexible working delivered?

I’m curious to know what evidence there is to show that the promise of location freedom has been realised. We’ve seen a big drive for flexible working and a technology rush to support this, yet I’m unconvinced that the journey has been started by many businesses to date. I believe that this is still to […]

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Workspace not Workplace 

The whole concept of Work is changing – there are many reasons why this is happening, but changing attitudes to work coupled with agile working policies underpinned by technology innovation are probably a few of the key factors. Work for all of us used to be a place that we went to – a commute […]

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