Your place of work has undoubtedly changed – and perhaps permanently, or at least for some of the time – right?

Working from an office is pretty prescriptive, isn’t it? I am unaware of an employer who allows you to choose your desk, your chair, (and location of), but it’s really not easy to do that, is it?

We have (almost) all had over a year of “remote working” which in this case means “working from home” (WFH). and significantly, I’d suggest that this has meant a very temporary set up in a room not dedicated as an office. Yes, I am sure that many have a study or similar, but certainly not all.

For those of us who have created a temporary base, we have realised how important it is to have the right set-up, including the following:

  • Appropriate seating
  • Appropriate desk – height adjustable ones have seen huge growth, as this enables us to stand up some of the time instead of sitting all day, which is not good for us
  • Lighting – an often massively overlooked issue
  • Power – how many of us have cables strewn across the lounge or dining room floor
  • Good quality Audio and Video – critical as we’ve moved so many of our interactions onto online meeting platforms
  • Screen real-estate for many is a massive issue if you’re beyond simple letter creation and note taking – most especially for collaborative tasks

This wasn’t intended as an exhaustive list, but a starter for 10, and areas that I am certain will resonate with most if not all of us. So for many, the future is looking like it’s going to be a somewhat different place from the one we had imagined, as the world of work becomes HYBRID. Not wholly office-based nor wholly home based (apart from home-based businesses of course)

So this means it is probably time to take stock of the “environment” we are working in, including the set-up, and the “technology” we are putting to use to enable us to be effective on a more permanent basis.

Here is a blog post to review if you are thinking that you need some ideas or help with it –